Writing a dating bio and coming up with funny profile descriptions is a minefield. If the selfies you’ve taken are stinkers, you can always stick a filter on them. Or you can blame the front-facing camera for making you look like PS1 Hagrid. (If you don’t know it, Google it).

But good bio ideas for dating app profiles are hard to come by. We’ve come up with what you should avoid, and hopefully, your sense of humour and charm will filter through.

But if you’ve got no faith in that happening (we believe in you, random person!), then there are some rock-solid online dating profile tips advice for you too. Let’s go!

Before you find out how to write a good profile for a dating site, you’ve got to know what to avoid sticking in your bio.

So, that’s what to avoid when writing a dating profile

  • ‘Looking for a bit of fun’. People are on apps for loads of reasons. But this is so vague. Does it mean they’re looking for a new 5-a-side team?
  • 6’1 1/2 tall’. Height is a deal-breaker for some girls, so we can’t blame you for whacking your height in there. But that half an inch? Unless they’re a basketball scout, they’re not going to notice it.
  • Any other measurements. You can be proud of it on your own. The public doesn’t need to know.
  • ‘I listen to all types of music’. Someone’s always going to try and out-cool you with their music tastes. If you like Lil Nas X, they’ll like Lil Nas Y. Are you a fan of Ariana Grande? They’re a fan of Ariana Grandest. You can’t win. Just be confident in your tastes and people will like you for it.
  • Any strings of emojis. Unless your match is into hieroglyphics, they might struggle to figure out what your interests are. For example, imagine if all those aubergine emojis in your bio made someone think you’re a vegetarian?

We’re not going to spoon-feed you funny profile descriptions or good bio ideas because what happens when you’re off the app? We can’t hide behind a newspaper and tell you what to say through an earpiece. Take these dating profile tips and run with them!

So, that’s what to avoid when writing a dating profile

  • Make a reference to your pictures. Stick in a cheeky joke referring to one of your photos, and it’ll show that you’ve made more effort than just sticking ‘age, height, location’ in. Plus, it’ll make whoever’s looking at your profile take a second glance at your photos – and that’s never a bad thing!
  • Get passionate. Seeing someone getting fired up about their hobbies is attractive. Doesn’t matter what it is. Play guitar? Sing about it. Make beats? Show them off. Won a battle royale game? Hijack any conversation to give a minute-by-minute recap of your victory free sex dating online, complete with gun noises and gifs of you jumping around into cover. It’s how all great romcoms start.
  • Put some reviews on your profile. Get your friends to hype you up in your bio. They’ll definitely talk about how great you are. And if you’re still friendly with your ex maybe ask them for a review too? And if you’re not, a one-star review might spice up your profile – you wouldn’t order food from a place with only five-star reviews, that’s sus.
  • Have a laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and you’ll end up becoming more confident with your chat. But don’t laugh at yourself too much – you don’t want to come across like a clown. It’s a tightrope to walk but you’ll find your way. Ah, that’s more clown advice, isn’t it?
  • Talk about your best feature or secret talent. Have you got peng ears? Can you surf 60-foot waves? Whatever you’ve got going on, show it off in your photos! They’re weird/fun things to talk about if you’re at a loss for words. Imagine finding out you’d matched with an ear-supermodel. Now that’s a story.

Writing a dating profile is always going to be a bit hit and miss. The best thing you can do is to try and show as much of your personality as possible. And if someone comes across your profile and they like your photos and your bio? You’re already on your way to the start of something. Knock ‘em dead.

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