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With Joon Park from the K-pop group “god” and Lee Soo-min, a young emcee and actress, the class writes poems about one another and sings karaoke. Through dance-offs and pillow fights, the eleven girls from I.O.I and the seven men audition to join a newly debuting imaginary idol girl group. Eun Ji-won from the group Sechs Kies challenges the class to a game of Indian poker. Kang Kyun-sung, a singer from Noel, invites them to slackline. In this special first episode, seven male celebs attempt to answer questions related to men’s pride, with subtopics like power, stamina and looks.

  • Super Junior challenge the men for the variety show throne through song, dance and laughs.
  • Using OER’s and, crucially, developing the digital skills to modify and adapt OER’s to meet specific learning needs, helps fight against this McDonaldization of education.
  • This gives faculty greater autonomy with what tools they want to see, while still being connected (with technologies like LTI & Caliper) to centralized institutional systems.
  • TFY Online Tech Media Provides Advertisers a strong Digital Platform to reach lakhs of people in India as well as abroad.
  • Apparently, this little structure is a leftover from the days when a trolly used to roll up and down Richmond Road.

In the post, Tannis digs into the history of the term open pedagogy and finds traces of it in the linguistic culture wars of a 1979 Canada with Quebec educator named Claude Paquette. So, with that definition, the assignments that these students have done are not open pedagogy. While some of them do use open access resources , none of the students have released their material with an open license, and, in fact, some resources are made available with full copyright and only under academic fair use policy. In 2015, Kyrgios insulted Stan Wawrinka with crude remarks during a match in Montreal.

This thing called the internet: part 2 of a post #opened15 textbook brain dump

They will openly blog and develop a social media presence, using both of these tools as pedagogical springboards to take a deep dive into the world of open, networked learning. To the students who created these projects, I would say the answer is no. In a Q&A I asked them to talk about working in the open and how they felt as students to have their work in the open and view-able to the world. Their responses were that they felt it was important to have their work in the open; that they felt the work they were doing needed to be open and accessible to the wider world, and the world needed to know about this work. Not one said the reason they wanted their work open was to have it reflect favourably on them, or that it would look good as part of a digital resume/portfolio. They felt an urgency that their subject matter be made available to the broader pubic.

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The motivation that it gives to students that what they do matters in the world. That they are contributing to something bigger and greater than themselves. Yes, it would have an even greater impact if this work was released with an open license, but the fact that this work is not openly licensed doesn’t make it any less of an open pedagogy exercise to me. I recently had the opportunity to attend a student showcase of Digital Humanities projects, put on by the Digital Pedagogy Network.

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In short, we need to be developing ways to empower and educate our students into taking control of their own data and understanding how their data is being used for them. And if you can’t articulate the “for” part, then perhaps you shouldn’t be collecting the data. In the era of the internet, ingress the peaceful world by listening to songs from your favorite artist whom you love to listen to every day.

Of these, 93 were still not being blocked, 65 were identified and the process to block them was on, 10 could not be blocked because of technical difficulties and the MHA had asked the DoT to block 28 objectionable pages found on Twitter, sources said. The youth accounts are available to teens whose parents or guardians – who can monitor the accounts – are Fidelity customers. The actress shared a glimpse of the quality time she spent with her daughter. Using your mobile phone camera, scan the code below and download the Kindle app. Seniors Hwang Su-kyung and Kang Soo-jung are recruiting for the established broadcasting club!

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Innocent girl group Apink is not afraid to let loose for laughs. The six members show off crazy dance moves, martial arts, and celebrity impersonations. F.T. Island’s Lee Hong-gi makes a rare appearance since pursuing indie music projects.

Fusion Mediawould like to remind you that the data contained in this website is not necessarily real-time nor accurate. And one I bet that most educators use on a routine basis. I wonder what kind of answer you would get from faculty if you asked them if they have ever “remixed” content?


Super Junior challenge the men for the variety show throne through song, dance and laughs. Superstar stylist Han Hye-Yeon gives the class a much-needed makeover. Heo Ji-woong gives them a sharp dressing down with his pointed tongue.

Netflix stock is at a 7-month high after three straight sessions of gains, buoyed by bullish investor sentiment surrounding the streaming platform’s newly launched ad-supported tier. For cost savings, you can change your plan at any time online in the “Settings & Account” section. If you’d like to retain your premium access and save 20%, you can opt to pay annually at the end of the trial. They are up more than 20%, outperforming other mega technology companies included in the FAANG group of stocks. Coursera vs OCW are fundamentally different in this regard.

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But before we get to the point where we could have modular & remixable content, we need to focus and determine what are the really useful pedagogical features of a textbook that improves student learning. Once we can answer that, then we have some footing to proceed to the next step & build the technology to enable that. The other reasons I am trying to take this deconstructionist approach to analyzing features of a textbook is that we want to see if there are ways we can extend PressBooks to accommodate what we identify as the most useful pedagogical features. For example, in the user interface of PressBooks, Brad Payne has built some textbook specific buttons that insert specific types of content blocks into PressBooks .

They are fierce competitors, but there can be only one winner. Check out Ra Ra Land, an all-girl supergroup How Do I Buy an Over-the-Counter Stock formed just for this episode! Bora from SISTAR, NARA , and MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo and Joo E take the stage.

SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son faces shareholders shaken by $34-billion loss

Time marches on, but AOA kept the passion alive. The angels share their hardships and appreciation for each other. Charismatic transfers Brown Eyed Girls go back to school after a four-year absence. The legendary team takes on all of the rumors and reveals many secrets.

Beyond the final steps of heating the food, they have no idea how the food is actually made. They are completely divested of any involvement in the actual quality of the food. They are more concerned about filling orders and pushing bodies through the door. While OER’s may appear the same as copyright materials in that they are often built by others, the difference is that the open license gives educators the legal ability to modify the content. It puts the control of curriculum back into the educators hand and encourages a deeper connection to the material.

I literally wanted to reach thru the interwebs and hug Martin. But at that point we were still kind of weak tie social media friends and I thought I should wait a bit before commencing the hugging. Besides, he’s a Spurs fan and I’ve spent my adult soccer life rooting for the Gunners, so that would have just been awkward . I’m quite looking forward to the week in Burnaby, and think this is going to be a massive teaching and learning event for our system.

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