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When someone thinks of a dating service, Match may be one of the first ones that comes to mind

When someone thinks of a dating service, Match may be one of the first ones that comes to mind

The basic A-List gives you the following upgrades: no ads, more search options, a full list of everyone who has liked you, message read receipts, and a bigger mailbox. Pricing for the regular A-List option starts at $9.99 a month (for me), and you get cheaper rates if you purchase time in bulk.

For the Premium A-List, you get all of the benefits of regular A-List, along with some extras. These Premium additions include: one free boost each day (puts you at the front of matches during peak hours), see other’s answers to questions before you answer, more attractive people see your profile, and your messages have top priority in recipient’s mailboxes.

But using Premium doesn’t come cheap, of course. One month of Premium A-List costs $, three months at a time has a rate of $ a month, and six months is around $ a month.


Match is a site that’s geared towards those who are serious about finding their soulmate and a real relationship. It draws in an older crowd compared to the competition, and most of the functionality of the service is locked behind the subscription paywall.

But if you’re serious about finding true love, this may be a small price to pay. After all, you always hear about how Match has led its users to more dates, relationships, and marriages than its competitors.

With Match, it works similarly to OKCupid in terms of messaging and browsing. However, it has its own set of quirks that make it stand out from the rest.

Signing Up on Match

Like OKCupid, Match lets users sign up via an email account. You should also provide the basics like birthday, country, and zip code — you know, the necessities.

But that’s not all to signing up on Match. To get you set up, Match requires a bit of personal information from you before throwing you out into the dating pool. These bits of info include things like the age range you want and distance apart.

Then come the questions. It’s similar to OKCupid, but definitely not as silly. The questions that Match asks users are more along the lines of describing yourself as a person and what you’re looking for in a partner.

The questionnaire covers a wide variety of topics, and you must fill it out before you can get much use out of the service. But trust us, the results can definitely be worth it.

Find Your Match

Unfortunately, if you don’t pay for Match, you’re going to have incredibly limited usage. But if you end up paying for the service, then a whole world of possibilities opens up for you.

Match is quite similar to OKCupid in terms of messaging and browsing, but has some unique quirks that are substantial enough to differentiate the two.

With Match, the primary focus is on Mutual Match, which is determined when your preferences line up with someone else’s preferences. A good example of how this works is with a 100 percent match, which means you meet all of their requirements and they fit all of yours.

Another feature is Reverse Match, which is only based on what the other person is looking for. This means that you’re a match for someone, but that someone may or may not be a match for you.

There are also Communities on Match. These Communities help you find other individuals who like the same things as you, such as sports teams, political affiliation, religion, ethnicity, and more.

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