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I was really saddened & shocked to learn that the Gay chat rooms were killed off

I was really saddened & shocked to learn that the Gay chat rooms were killed off

With apps like Scruff, Grindr, Growlr, and all the others, people can chat with people who live in their neighborhood. It’s much more convenient than being in a “city” room, where people were actually not from that city, but 100 miles away.

The Gay chat rooms were such a lifeline for many gay people like myself who lived in rural areas and did not have any gay venues near them to socialize in, or whom didn’t like gay bars and wanted to socialize and meet others in a friendly & safe chat environment. I myself met my life partner in a Gay chat room a e, so it really saddens me that this unique feature, which is what Gay became famous for, is now gone. It was also nice to be able to jump into the chat rooms for cities I was planning on visiting and talk to the residents for tips on how to best enjoy my stay. But what really saddens me are all my chat buddies I have now lost. Now, it’s all gone. It was bad enough when gay switched over to the Ajax platform a few years back, which decimated many local rooms in smaller cities, but for the chat rooms to be totally gone now is just tragic and a real disservice to the gay community that has supported gay for so long now. Their new system basically amounts to what a smartphone app can do, and it is in no way a replacement for chat rooms where everyone can chat together in real time. No message board can replace that.

Gay was THE place to go in the late 90s. NYC had something like 5 chat rooms and at night they were all packed. I hooked up a lot back then (I was in my early 20s), and also met friends, two of which are still close friends to this day.

Back then, there weren’t as many people on the Internet, and there were much fewer crazy folk. In the 2000s, when everybody and their uncle got online, the crazies started appearing all over the web and that, I think, is what made chat rooms fall out of favor.

OMG! – What are those 4 tired old trailer-queens from Tampa going to do now that they can’t act as constant harassers/bouncers for their gay chat room empire? LOLZ!

I see that the majority of replies are from men. I’m a lesbian and met my partner of 4 1/2 years on that site. I stopped chatting for a while, but decided to log in tonight, and couldn’t! Even though I knew my password was correct, I even tried to reset it, and it didn’t find my username, then I saw it was only for men!

Maybe the younger guys here don’t appreciate it, but us older men, who depended on Gay’s chat rooms when before all we had were personal ads, will mourn this loss

I’m not going to “miss” it, since I’ve not been there since the summer, but I will miss knowing it was there. And like many people, I met several women from there when I was driving 18-wheelers across country.

The vast majority of these people never passion gave me personal contact info to contact them off gay, but never the less, they were regulars in the gay chat rooms and I enjoyed their company immensely over the years

awfull mistake dont bother with it since it changed not worth trying to figure it out. went there for the chat rooms just chatted with a few folks daily no more bad bad bad decision

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